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Put device frames around your mobile/web/progressive app screenshots.

This tool is in active development. If something seems off, file an issue!

Get it

npm install -g deviceframe

Use it

Pass in filenames, file globs, websites urls, or image urls. In any combination or order.
$ dframe cat.jpg
$ dframe
$ dframe dog.png *.bmp

deviceframe will prompt you for the frames you want to use. You can select multiple frames and search by typing. Once you have selected all the frames you want to use, hit ESC.

The frames will be downloaded from a CDN and cached locally in case you want to re-use them.

If you want to use it non-interactively you can pass frames in with the --frame flag:

$ dframe cat.jpg --frame "iphone 6"
$ dframe cat.jpg --frame "iphone 7 silver" --frame "iphone 5 blue"

You can also use one flag and separate the devices by commas:

$ dframe cat.jpg --frame "iphone 6s, macbook air"

Mobile Apps

Coming Soon

Hybrid Apps

Make a screenshot of an Ionic app locally:

$ ionic serve

In another terminal:

$ dframe --delay 5 http://localhost:8100


For website URLs, deviceframe will load the page with the aspect ratio and pixel density of selected device(s).

Here's Product Hunt's website on a Macbook Air, iPad, and iPhone:


Currently 52 unique devices. Run dframe --devices to get a list

  • 166 phone + color combinations (Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola)
  • 6 tablets (iPad, Surface, Nexus 9)
  • 9 computers (Apple, Dell, Microsoft)
  • 5 monitors
  • 4 watches (Apple Watch 1+2, Moto 360, Sony SmartWatch 3) either open or closed.



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📱 Put device frames around your mobile/web/progressive app screenshots.








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