Turn a simple markdown document into a resume in HTML and PDF
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Turn a simple markdown document into a resume in HTML and PDF.

This module borrows heavily from the PHP script markdown-resume.


  • PDF generation via wkhtmltopdf
  • Responsive design for multiple device viewport sizes
  • Simple Markdown formatting


The generated files will be put in the same directory as your source file.

# For usage on the command line
npm install -g markdown-resume

# Generate HTML file
md2resume my-resume-file.md

# Generate PDF file
md2resume --pdf my-resume-file.md

Run in Watch Mode w/ Live Reload

npm install -g light-server
light-server -s . -w "your_resume.md # md2resume your_resume.md"

Open http://localhost:4000/your_resume.html in a browser and see changes live.

Use as a node module

var md2resume = require('markdown-resume')

# Generate HTML
md2resume.generate('my-resume-file.md', function(err, out) {
    # ... do something with 'out'

# Same as a above
md2resume.generate('my-resume-file.md', { format: 'html' }, function(err, out) { ... });

# Generate PDF
md2resume.generate('my-resume-file.md', { format: 'pdf' }, function(err, pdf) {
    # ... do something with pdf


As above, this library steals pretty much everything from markdown-resume.