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Mar 2, 2020




This new version of the Multitool does not have to be in a specific place.

NOTE: If you have used any standalone tools that are outdated, such as "Backpack-Customizer" or old Multitools (if your tool has the "Backpack Testpatch" you should be fine), you may want to consider either reverting these patches with these tools, or redownload the games exe via steam (only BL2) to avoid possible issues.


  • .NET Framework 4.5


Only legit copies of BL2/TPS are "supported".


  • Enable/Disable Console/Set-Command-Patch
  • Customize Console-Key
  • Patch Max. Currencies: Money
    • BL2 specific: Eridium, Torgue and Seraph
    • TPS specific: Moonstone
  • Maximum Level: ~92
  • Backpackspace: ~255
  • Vaultspace : ~42
  • Array-Limit-Patch (see FAQ for more info)
  • Disable/Enable Sanity Checks
  • Adding CustomPatches via. Textfiles
  • Installing and configuring my Autoexec DLL's (BL2 and TPS)


First - Once you've opened up the tool, expand "Setup Filepaths" at the top. Now click on "Select Path" and choose either your "Borderlands2.exe" or "BorderlandsPreSequel.exe", depending on which button you clicked.

Once you've setup the path(s) the icon(s) should no longer be grayscaled.

You can now click on the games icon you want to patch.

Select your desired changes and hit the "Apply" button in the top-right-corner. That should be everything!


Q: What is the Spacetrigger?

A: The default is 39. This means, once you buy the last backpack SDU, and therefore reaching 39 backpackslots, that's the point where you'll have the chosen Max Slots instead. Meaning - if you choose 24 as a Spacetrigger, you'll get your chosen Max Slots once your purchased SDUs would get you 24 slots. Then 24 will be the point where you'll have your chosen slots at. Note: Lowering the Spacetrigger from 39 will most likely increase your Slots --TEMPORARILY-- when purchasing another backpack SDU. So these extra-slots will be gone after reopening the game.

Q: What is the Array-Limit?

A: This is usually not needed. However, people that come across this limit now have an automatic way of patching. Example here:

Q: Can I patch my game to level higher than 92 aswell?

A: Yes. You can right click on the box where you enter your desired max level to "Unlock" it, up to 255. At the time of the release of the v1.12 version these are these known issues:

  • Usually there is no Loot anymore (neither Ammo/Grenades in Boxes, Vendors or anywhere else)
  • Your game will most likely crash when saving/loading the game (if not at 93, it definitely does pretty much everytime beyond 100)
  • The rule of thumb seems to be Max Level + OP levels => less than or equal 100 => No issues.

Q: My Paths are not saving, what should I do?

A: Go to "%localappdata%\BorderlandsHexMultitool" and delete the subfolders, then try again! If that also doesn't solve your problem, try running the tool as administrator. Should that also not work, please contact me!

Q: I don't see any checkmarks, no matter what I do. Any idea? A: Disable any custom windows themes and try again. That should fix it!

Q: BabyRage ?

A: BabyRage indeed BabyRage



  • Added a more meaningful message if the user tries to open a shortcut instead of the games exe


  • Fixed a bug that'd prevent you from setting your MaxLevel in BL2 below 80


  • Fixed an issue with TPS Max Level Detection for the Steamupdate


  • Updated for compatability with fourth steam update & second epic update versions


  • Added support for EPIC versions of the game


  • Added an experimental versioncheck
  • Fixed a few typos


  • Updated due to the third update in 2020 >.>


  • Added a patch to disable the mainmenu ads for BL3


  • Updated for compatability with the second update in 2020


  • Should be fully compatible with the Feb 2020 update now


  • If the tool prompts, whether to apply the Console Patch or not, and the user selects yes, it'll now also set the ConsoleKey to F6 by default, if none has been set before.
  • Separated the "Apply" button from the Custom patches. They have their own "Apply" button now
  • Prevent the user from being able to click the "Apply" button if there are no changes. Does not apply to custom patches.


  • Adjusted Patching of MaxLevel to 90 when a exe from the newest DLC is being opened to account for the 2 new OP Levels to avoid issues


  • Compatability-update for the Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary"-DLC


  • Added most of the possible Keys for "ConsoleKey"; Not every single one has been tested (Source:
  • Added a "donate"-Button at the bottom of the Multitool, since a few people have asked about a way to support me or give something back to me. To those who do and even those who consider, thank you so much <3


  • Should have fixed the ConsoleKey issue for good now
  • The first letter is now automatically capitalized for ConsoleKeys that are 1 or 2 characters long (Single letter or F1-12 (F10-F** extends the amount of characters to 3 for this))
  • Added MessageBox if the WillowInput.ini could not be found
  • Enabled overwriting the ConsoleKey even if WillowInput.ini is in read-only. (this only happens if you either Toggle the SetCommand status or the ConsoleKey itself)

v1.20 - v1.23

  • Basically various builds to include/improve compatability with the UHD-Update


  • Added installation and configuration for my Autoexec DLL's (requires internet connection, since it directly downloads the zip from GitHub)


  • Added Licenses.txt
  • Added Backup/Restore feature
  • Increased the timer after which the Filepath-expander closes to 4 seconds
  • Added a colon to "Borderlands The Pre Sequel" (thanks LightChaosman :P)


  • Fixed a few details
  • Added the option to unlock the max Backpackspace to 100k. Hover your mousecursor over the value-field for more info.
  • Added closing of the Filepath-Expander when the mouse leaves it for more than 3 seconds.


  • Added Spacecustomization for the Vault/Bank


  • Added a small bar at the bottom so YOU can get to this project on GitHub and open up issues or something :P
  • Fixed an issue which seems to have been only present on Windows 7
  • Added check for the given Filepath. If the provided path doesn't lead to an existing file, the Icon will stay Grayscaled! This is mainly to check filepaths via CLI


  • Added CustomPatches (for more information about these, refer to the included CustomPatch Readme.txt)
  • Added a little bit of highlighting to the current section the mouse is over
  • Increased the size of the Gameicons


  • Fixed an issue with reading values when switching from BL2 to TPS and back to BL2 for example.


  • Added the option to "unlock" the Max Level-option to let you patch your max level up to 255, in case there ever will be someone planning on fixing the loading/saving crashes/missing loot (drops, ammo, vendors etc) when patching beyond 92+OP8. To unlock it, simply right-click it and choose to "Unlock". Use at your own risk, I won't fix/attempt to fix these crash issues.


  • Fixed an issue with the TPS-Patch to use the console (when the Tool offers you to patch the game if it hasn't yet. Choosing it manually, worked fine)


  • Fixed an issue with enable/disable of the weapon sanity check bypass, caused by the changes made in v1.9


  • Changed a bit of code, that should improve the speed of reading and writing all the needed data


  • Fixed showing the status of the Sanity Check Bypasses and Array-Limit
  • Added a small messagebox to inform the user that the tool is doing work


  • Fixed the Array-Limit Patch-detection


  • Added the option to decide whether or not you want to apply the basic Hexediting (to use UCP for example) during startup.


  • Added the Sanity Check Bypass for Items to both games. A quick test kept the weapons in my inventory and game ran fine so far. Please test! :)


  • Added Tooltips to "Enable" in "Console and Set Command", "Spacetrigger" in "Backpack" and "Array-Limit"
  • Added the possibility to set "Custom" ConsoleKeys. To activate, rightclick the Combobox where "F6" and "Tilde" are listed and check "Custom". The Combobox will turn into a textbox, where you'll type in your own Key. You can still type in F6 or Tilde ofc.
  • By adding the "custom" ConsoleKeys, I saw that setting ConsoleKeys was most likely not working for TPS. Sorry about that. It's fixed now :)


  • Recompiled this version with .NET Framework 4.5 instead of 4.6.1


  • Fixed an issue with trying to Load the Patching-UI when Path(s) have been set up for the first time.
  • Added checks for all Patches, so unchanged values are not being patched again
  • Added a MessageBox after applying the patch(es) - since you guys love that so much :P
  • Added this Readme


  • TechnoJackers: Sanity Check Patterns
  • Shadowevil1996: Patterns that are needed to patch the console commands and a key-location that made the Levelpatching possible

Used NuGet Packages/Assemblies:

  • Caliburn.Micro
  • Costura.Fody
  • Extended.Wpf.Toolkit
  • Fody
  • Ini.Net
  • Newtonsoft.Json


If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, feel free to do so here :)



This is the newest version of the Multitool. This time merged-version (BL2 and TPS) and new UI.



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