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Simple Graph Lib


This tiny library supports both directed and undirected graphs with ability to use synchronized realizations of them.

Vertexes of the graph have a user defined type.

The calculation of the path was implemented with the usage of the Dijkstra's algorithm.


You should use GraphBuilder class for building you graph data.

String a = "a";
String b = "b";
String c = "c";
String d = "d";

Graph graph = GraphBuilder.create(Builder.Type.DIRECTED)
    .addEdge(a, b)
    .addEdge(b, c)
    .addEdge(c, d)

List<String> path = graph.getPath(a, f);

addVertex - adds vertex to the graph

addEdge - adds edge to the graph

build - builds specific graph implementation.

getPath - returns a list of edges between 2 vertices

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