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Edgemax Setup For Orange France FTTH

French version and support of this guide is here :


This setup will help you setup an edgemax router for french ISP Orange with FTTH.

Following this tutorial you'll have internet and tv working including replays and vod. Other services like gaming, radios are also reported to work.

Phone will not work but we have a trick if you need it (see at the end).

Network setup

I've came up with the following setup for Orange:

"Orange Setup

Edgemax setup

This is how we gonna set up the edgemax (based on the 3 ports).

  • 2 separated LANs on ports eth0 and eth2
  • Fully functionnal LANs with DHCP
  • LANs are isolated (static routes could link them).

On the software side :

  • Simple Stupid Setup.
  • No firewall, you'll manage this :)
  • Upnp activated on both LANs
  • Debian sources setup



You'll need :

  • Minimal general handling of the edgemax, CLI, editing conf, etc...
  • 1.7 firmware (at the moment of writing 1.7 RC2 is the latest)
  • Mac address of your original Livebox provided by Orange (written on the back of the Livebox)

All files used for this tutorial are available in the github repo.

Get your TV mac Address

You TV mac address is the same than your livebox one with "4" added to the last byte.

So if you have a mac adress like : a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:f6

f6 + 4 = fa

Your TV mac address will be a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:fa

Edgemax Setup

I presume you are root, by doing :

  • sudo -i or prefixing commands with sudo

Prepare and load the conf and assets.

Now you should be able to load the conf in ssh :

load config-orange.boot

If everything went ok, you can save otherwise discard and start again, something's wrong.

Now it's time to plug ONT on port eth1, your LAN on eth0 or eth2, and reboot the edgemax.

If everything went ok, you now have Internet access through the edgemax.

Now for the TV services

Then, in ssh :

modprobe 8021q

Now is time to launch my custom script which will :

  1. Set priorities on Vlans
  2. Launch DHCP on br0
  3. Launch igmpproxy

sh /config/

Now you should :

  1. Have internet access
  2. Got an IP through dhcp on br0

Now reboot your Orange TV Box, everything should work fine.


Ubiquiti Edgemax configuration and ressources for french ISP Orange.







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