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Halo / Blam engine support for Blender.
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Blender Halo Tools

A project that aims to provide comprehenisve blam engine support too blender.

This project is not yet feature complete or stable so current features and or the usage of tihs addon may change, thus is it not recommended for general use as of yet until a stable version is released.


JMS Exporter

Halo CE exporter comparison

Blender Halo Tools BlueStreak Blitzkrieg Chimp
Texture Coordinates
Vertex Normals
Biped Systems
Multiple Regions
Vertex Weights


Model layout:

- Frame
    |-Sub Collection
        |-more stuff here

The frame should be a collection called Frame though the name of this can be changed in your scene properties. All sub collection in frame will also be included.


  • zekilk (cyboryxmen) - Original blender jms exporter.
  • The Spartan - For creating the Halo 2 (.ass) exporter BLEND2HALO2.
  • MosesOfEgypt - Moses Editing Kit and jms file format information.
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