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bounded v0.9

Blackhole hosts abusing your name server.

Setup generates and updates a blackhole.conf to ban IP addresses (and the zones they use) that abuse your name server. Currently assumes a BIND 9 format.

Add a blackhole.conf include line in the options section of your named.conf, like so

include "/etc/namedb/blackhole.conf";

If you use a path other than /etc/namedb/blackhole.conf, specify the file with the -o flag. will initialize the file in the proper format, no need to create the file yourself. See -h for more information. relies on memcached to keep track of the IPs and zones it sees. This is for a number reasons, including auto-expiration (coming soon), and sharing data between name servers.


All you need to get started is to specify the interface to listen for packets on. -i <interface> [options]

You probably also want to exclude some IPs and zones from being tracked for banning. Use -x to specify clients that are allowed to use your server for recursion, and -z to specify the zones that you are authoritative for. See also -X and -Z options. For example: -i if1 -z -x -x


Blackhole hosts abusing your name server.




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