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A barebones eagle library for Cherry MX keyswitches
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cherry MX eagle library

a basic eagle library for cherry mx keyswitches

I created this repository for this eagle library after recieving a number of messages from people who found mention of it in google results and inquired to me for a copy. I'm happy (even eager) to share my work with others who can make use of it.

However, despite creating this library, I as of yet haven't tested it on a real PCB. I have done my best to verify it by printing it out and even laser cutting it into plastic to check alignment, but have not had the chance to test with a PCB. For that reason, if you do use it on a PCB, PLEASE contact me to let me know everything came OK. Also, if you modify or expand the library, please contribute your work back to this repository so that others can benefit.

Update: As of January 2014 the library has been verified to work on an actual PCB. Specifically, it has been tested with MX1A-11NW switches. You will definitely want a part ending in "W" ("With pins") if the switches will be PCB mounted. (Thanks daveho!)

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This project is licenced under GPLv3, and a copy of GPLv3 is included as LICENCE.txt
See sections 15 and 16 of the GPLv3 for the Disclaimer of Warranty and the Limitations of Liability. Under this licence, Preservation of all attribution is required, and misrepresentation of the origin(s) of the licenced material is prohibited.

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