A Ruby gem for accessing KiiCloud backend
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Kii Ruby Library Build Status

Kii Cloud Library for Ruby. This library provides APIs for Kii Cloud and data structures.

Currently in development, limited support for now.

Getting started

Please register at https://developer.kii.com/ and fill in your config file.

you can install the dependencies with

bundle install --path vendor

and get a command shell to run examples :

bundle exec pry -r Kii

Run the tests with

bundle exec rspec

You can init your app with

@app = KiiApp.new

create app scope objects like :

@data = {'a' => 'b', 'c' => 'd'}
@object = @app.new_object(@data)

if you want to create in a specific bucket, you can use

@object = @app.buckets("my_bucket").new_object(@data)

create users like :

@user = @app.new_user({
    login_name: 'your_username',
	display_name: 'Your Name',
	country: 'JP',
    password: '123456',
    email: 'your@mail.com',
    phone_number: '09012341234'

you can create user scope objects like

@object = @user.new_object(@data) # default bucket which is 'mydata'
@object = @user.buckets("my_bucket").new_object(@data)

etc. (moar to follow...)


Please check http://documentation.kii.com/rest/



Represents Application user. User is authorized by

  • username and password
  • email and password
  • phone and password

KiiGroup (not yet)

Represents Group in Kii Cloud. Group consists of

  • Member : A list of KiiUser
  • Name : The name of group
  • Owner : Group owner


Represents Bucket in Kii Cloud. Bucket consists of

  • Owner : Bucket owner. Application / Group / User can be an owner of bucket.
  • Name : The name of bucket.

KiiTopic (not yet)

Represents Topic in Kii Cloud. Topic consists of

  • Owner : Topic owner. Application / Group / User can be an owner of topic.
  • Name : The name of topic.

This Readme is shamelessly copied from fkm's PHP lib :) check it out at : https://github.com/fkmhrk/kiilib_php