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An output-feedback mode stream cipher designed by Bruce Schneier and popularised in the Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.
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Solitaire is an output-feedback mode stream cipher. Invented by Bruce Schneier and popularized by Neal Stephenson. Described in Schneiers words:

This library has the basic functionality that Schneier describes in his article. It allows you to specify a key or generate a key from a passphrase, then provides encode and decode methods. The encode method can include non-alpha characters which are stripped out but obviously the decode method will only be able to output the messages in five character groups. If the passphrase is less than 64 characters it will print a warning message.

"Warning: There are only 1.4 bits of randomness per character in standard English. Please use at least a 64 character passphrase."


passphrase = 'cryptonomicon'
solitaire = Solitaire(passphrase=passphrase)
msg = 'Oh Mary had a little lamb'
enc\_msg = solitaire.encode(msg)
dec\_msg = solitaire.decode(enc_msg)
assert ''.join(msg.upper().split()) == ''.join(dec_msg.split())

Hello Hacker School

This library was written as an example of programming prowess for my Hacker School application. In that regard I had to walk a fine line between effort, charm and performance. You should not use this for real spycraft, it is simply not tested rigorously enough.


Run tests in command line by:

? py.test