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music sharing script

example :

If you have a FTP connexion, this script aim to be the simplest way to share music albums. Features :

  • No database required
  • Display of albums as a page
  • HTML5 mp3 player
  • Download of single tracks & full album archive
  • Auto-create zip archive of full albums
  • Folders (albums, demos ..)
  • Log visitor activity (no google analytics ...) as .csv file

Install :

Copy The script on a php server, no database required

Modifiy variables such as $artist in index.php as configuration.

Add an album :

-Just create a folder in /audio named with number-title, example : /0-example

-Inside the folder, name mp3 like this number-title.mp3, example : 1-title.mp3, 2-title.mp3 etc ...

-Rename the cover art (exact name) : cover.jpg

-Put any .html OR .txt file with the text to be displayed, example : about.html

Full example of an album architecture:

0000-Album 1 Title Folder 1-title.mp3 2-title.mp3 3-title.mp3 cover.jpg (required) about.html flac.rar (optionnal) .config (optionnal)

Zip archive :

When the archive is requested, if the file doesn't exist yet, zip.php create a zip archive in /archive with all the content of the folder.

The /archive folder should be writable.

If later the album folder (in /audio) has somehow changed (mp3 replaced for example), just delete the archive in /archive and the .zip will be regenerated on next request.

Include a lossless files archive :

Put a .rar file with files inside it and the link will be created

Description HTML

Put any .html file in the folder


Put a .config file into folder Write option inside : NOZIP : disabled zip/rar download on the page

author : Charles Torris

contact :


BondeCampe is a very simple script for sharing music albums on your web server



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