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A high detailed version of the Cessna 172P aircraft for FlightGear
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Engines FDM: minor changes on CG, lift due to ground effect, add variable pit… May 4, 2017
Models Fix xy-plane and missing texture error messages Jun 19, 2019
Nasal KX165: use channel instead of frequency Jun 8, 2019
Paintkit adding back propeller textures to all fuselages and paintkit Jul 19, 2015
Panels panel: Use indicated heading instead of actual heading Jul 11, 2015
Previews MOve preview images to Preiviews/ folder Aug 17, 2018
Sounds new rudder trim sound Oct 24, 2018
Systems Add a couple seaports to mooring code Jul 17, 2019
Tutorials setting cowl plugs to false in all relevant tutorials Mar 29, 2019
WebPanel Let green arc in RPM instrument start at 2100 RPM + fix title of ADF Feb 7, 2016
dev kx165 light maps, mesh UV and animation adjustments Jun 12, 2019
gui/dialogs Adjust persistent properties of rudder trim system, modify ruder trim… Oct 21, 2018
states More on approach fine tuning Aug 31, 2018
.gitattributes Treat .zip as a binary file Jul 11, 2015
.gitignore (1) hobbs meter (2) rotating knobs in the HI Feb 20, 2015 Fixed find shell line to find tabs in xml files May 7, 2018
LICENSE License and readme files for github Mar 11, 2015 Update for 2019.1 release May 10, 2019 Add some shields to Mar 13, 2019
Thanks adding thanks note to Heiko and Syd regarding the propeller model Jul 30, 2018
c172-checklists.xml Remove allow securing, fix variant bug, fix save-resume bug Aug 29, 2018
c172-help.xml Add seat movement keys to the help menu Apr 26, 2019
c172-sound.xml fixing flap click sound Nov 11, 2018
c172p-amphibious-set.xml Organize preview per variant, random splash screens Aug 17, 2018
c172p-bush26-set.xml Organize preview per variant, random splash screens Aug 17, 2018
c172p-bush36-set.xml Organize preview per variant, random splash screens Aug 17, 2018
c172p-float-set.xml Fix invalid xml declaration Apr 30, 2019
c172p-keyboard.xml Minor change to keyboard key name Apr 8, 2019
c172p-mice.xml Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out for 'lookat' views Oct 27, 2015
c172p-set.xml Add KX165A May 22, 2019
c172p-ski-set.xml Organize preview per variant, random splash screens Aug 17, 2018
c172p-views.xml better position for the IFR view after panel reposition Jul 31, 2018
c172p.xml FDM: change P-factor (from 60 to 15) Feb 28, 2019 Manual merge of #217 : retexturing the baggagedoor. Original work by … Jun 2, 2015
thumbnail.jpg new thumbnail Jul 11, 2015

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c172p (detailed)

A high detailed version of the Cessna 172P aircraft for FlightGear.

Development thread:

Creating a release: see the wiki page "Release process and versioning" how to do a release.

Cessna 172P

For the repository containing the texture files for the liveries and instruments (including their .xcf files), visit:

This aircraft was modified and updated in a joint effort by the following people:

  • onox: programming, bug tracking, general organisation, git knowledge

  • ludomotico: programming, 3D modeling, bug tracking, general organisation

  • Gilberto Agostinho (gsagostinho): textures, sounds, bug tracking, testing, programming

  • Fernando Barbosa (thevirtualfer): 3D modeling and textures

  • Wayne Bragg (wlbragg): effects - damage, rain/fog/ice, internal/external shadows, bushkit (Special thanks to Thorsten Renk for all the work involved in giving us the base for these effects)

  • Daniel Dubreuil (Dany93): [FDM] stall and spin + a few improvements, in-flight damages on wings, fuel float chamber

  • Jonathan Redpath (legoboyvdlp): bug tracking, testing, programming

  • Tuomas Kuosmanen (tigert): Reference photos of the aircraft and of the OH-CTL livery. Feedback and testing of the Aircraft Systems and operation

  • Anders Gidenstam (AndersG): Hydrodynamics for the pontoon/float and amphibious variants

  • Waldo Kitty (wkitty42): bug hunting/reporting

  • Jonathan Schellhase (dg-505): 3D modeling, exhaust smoke, checklists

  • Horacio: interior textures

  • D-ECHO: 3D model of pitot tube + cover

  • Jarl Arntzen (jarlarntzen): Interior shadow and reflection cubes

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