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See attached COPYING file for license information.


Most setup can be performed by using the "c2corg" installer located at the project root.
An actions/options summary of this tool is available by typing:

$ php c2corg -h

Before launching the installer, create a deployment file of your own in the deployment/ directory by copying the default.ini reference and saving it under a dedicated name.
Then launch the --install action:

$ php c2corg --install --conf <your_deployment_filename>

This action will build configuration and i18n files as well as server-writeable directories. It will also install the required Symfony plugins.
In case you would simply like to refresh the configuration and i18n files, use the --refresh action:

$ php c2corg --refresh --conf <your_deployment_filename>

To build the JS files used by the map tools use the --build option (jstools must be installed):

$ php c2corg --refresh --conf <your_deployment_filename> --build

Creation of the database is available with the installer as well using the following commands:

$ cd scripts
$ ./
$ cd ..
$ php c2corg --load-modules

To install some test data, rather type:
$ php c2corg --load-modules testdata

Please note that launching an initial --install or --refresh command is required before executing because the latter script uses files generated by the installer.

To remove cache files, use the following command:

$ php c2corg --clean