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Command-line RackUnit test runner with fancy output
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This package contains a way to run RackUnit test suites in the command lines that has a fancier output format than the built-in rackunit/text-ui.

In particular, it uses color and displays nested test suites as a tree. Errors are displayed in line.

It looks like this:


How to use

The module provides a procedure called run-tests/fancy. To run the tests, simply call this procedure with a RackUnit test suite.

For example, this file will show the output above:

#lang racket

(require rackunit

(provide tests)

(define tests
  (test-suite "Tests"
    (test-suite "Numbers"
      (test-pred "Parity" even? 4)
      (test-case "Addition"
        (check-equal? (+ 5 11) 15))  ; Oops
      (test-equal? "Multiplication" (* 3 2) 6))
    (test-suite "Strings"
      (test-case "Appending"
        (check-equal? (string-append "Hello ") "Hello world!")))))  ; Oops

(run-tests/fancy tests)

Tip: For larger projects, I find that Racket is often slow to start up, which can make it a pain to run and rerun unit tests. You can use the ,enter command in the REPL to speed up this process. For example, with the above file saved as tests.rkt, try running the following:

$ racket
> ,enter tests.rkt
<pkgs>/my-package/tests> (run-tests/fancy tests)

Then, to run the tests again after having updated the code or tests, just do:

<pkgs>/my-package/tests> ,enter tests.rkt
<pkgs>/my-package/tests> (run-tests/fancy tests)
   [re-loading ...

This is much faster than restarting the REPL.

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