A multi-threaded daemon for downloading youtube videos based on youtube-dl and sinatra
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== Intro
This is a wrap of python youtube-dl, it enables you to dl multiple youtube files simultaneously via very simple web interface (also via proxy if you'd like to). if you like it or want to help to develop. email me or msg me. email: "moc.liamg@oacgniliy".reverse

== Prerequisite
# ruby19, install by `rvm install 1.9.3`
# sinatra gem, install by `gem install sinatra`
# youtube-dl(v 2011.3.29) , install by `apt-get install youtube-dl` or mac `brew install youtube-dl` or `wget to /usr/bin/youtube-dl`
# mongodb >= 2.0.0

== How to use
=== Setup
bunlde install

=== Start Processes
start the sinatra by `ruby sina_main.rb`
start the worker process by `ruby worker.rb`

=== Visit the web interface
visit http://localhost:4567 on you browser
add url and submit, video will start download.

== Other
thanks to youtube-dl and all of its authors
youtube-dl doc: http://rg3.github.com/youtube-dl/documentation.html

== Disclaimer
It is purely a wrap of youtube-dl, all the files downloaded must stick to video provider's copyright premissions. and this code is provided as is, I DO NOT take any responsibilities due to any consequences to any parties. If this piece of code might or will make loss to anyone, you MSUT not use it.