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Von Neumann machine simulator

A simulator of the Von Neumann machine written in Javascript. It is built mainly using Pug (previously Jade), Sass, AngularJS and CodeMirror.

This simulator is meant to be a solution for students and teachers to study how a Von Neumann Machine works.

How to use

A guide to the simulator is available from the information menu at the top of the page of the simulator itself.

Online version

You can try out the simulator on

How to compile

If you have Git installed on your computer you can execute the following command, otherwise you can manually download the repository from Github.

git clone

You'll need NodeJS, use this command to access the main branch and install the dependencies.

cd vnmsim && npm install

You'll need Gulp and Express to compile it. For debugging mode (it will start a web server on localhost, the port will be displayed as soon as the compilation ends and you'll find the compiled simulator source in build) just run:


To compile it for production (it won't start the server and the output will be located in dist):

gulp --production


Please feel free to create an issue or a pull request.

If you'd like to add a new language or improve the translations, you can do that from the official Transifex project of this simulator available here.

Zanichelli version

In 2015 a different simulator of the Von Neumann machine inspired by this one has been developed for Zanichelli Editor S.p.A. as an extension of the work of Giorgio Meini, Fiorenzo Formichi: "Tecnologie e progettazione di sistemi informatici e di telecomunicazioni".

If you were looking for that simulator (available only in italian), you can download it here.


This changelog refers to the online version of the simulator.


  • Major refactoring
  • AngularJS ES6 Way
  • Solve issue #2


  • Bug fix: storing large values in memory cells resulted in misplaced digits


  • All samples download button
  • Clear log button
  • German language support


  • Statistics section
  • Settings panel
  • Reset button for the PC field
  • Compilation button
  • Improved UI
  • 5 new samples
  • Log startup message
  • Warning message on page leave and on file change


  • Editable PC increment value (can be negative)
  • Angular Translate removed (unnecessary)
  • Colors in the log console
  • Samples panel (with new "basic_operations" sample)
  • Improved panels layout


  • Simulator rebuilt from the ground up with AngularJS
  • Major UI improvements
  • New memory cells editor: CodeMirror
  • Removed instructions and variables limit
  • New translation system: Angular Translate
  • Store data inside memory cells too
  • Comments with //
  • Log console
  • New I/O system with JSON file to save the current status of the simulator
  • Source code available on Github


  • Added new languages
  • JMP and JMZ commands bug fixed


  • Dinamically change the steps delay
  • Sound off as default
  • Simulator second run bug fixed


  • Menu UI improvements
  • Instructions counter bug fixed
  • Blank instruction syntax check bug fixed


The MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more details.

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