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hello,I am trying to install tao3d in linux without success, I downloaded it from ´´´´ but when I run''make install'' I get this error:
Make [1]: *** [compiler.o] Error 1
Make [1]: exits the directory "/ home / nada / tao-3D / libxlr"
Make: *** [sub-libxlr-install_subtargets] Error 2
The truth is that there is not too much information about this language and its installation even on its website, I ask if you can guide me since I am a bit lost.
Thank you

c3d commented Dec 2, 2016

Hello, I am sorry for the bad experience.

There is insufficient data in the messages you copied. Apparently, there is a compile error compiling "compiler.c", but you have not copy-pasted it above. Could you please copy the complete transcript? Also, to help me reproduce, can you tell me which version of Linux? I'll install it in a VM and try to do the same.

And yes, I know that I need to return spending more time on these projects, but I've been extremely busy with the DxO ONE lately, and did not have much time for my other projects. Sorry again.

Are you the same person that asked about installation on Grenouille Bouillie? If so, I think that github may be a better place and I will redirect people from my blog here.

Thank you for letting me know about the problem.


Yes, I am the same person, the linux version is ubuntu 14.04 lts 32bits
Qt version 4.8.6.
Git version 1.9.1
G ++ 4.8.4
Do not check the version of llvm but I'm almost sure it's 2.9
I attach the output to the terminal.


c3d commented Dec 5, 2016 edited

According to the build log, you are building with LLVM 3.4 and not 2.9. While XL (the language underlying Tao3D), should support that if I remember correctly, I don't know if the version used by Tao3D does. I did not have time to take a look at it this week-end (there was a relatively large change in the ELFE "flight recorder" (c3d/elfe@695a805), which will make it much easier to debug some thorny issues in Tao3D.

If you want to know why supporting several versions of LLVM are problematic, I invite you to read this file: :-)

Meanwhile, if you can make sure you are using LLVM 2.9, this one should work OK.

Also, the Taodyne web site went down for good (we shut down the company). I need to build new versions of Tao3D that don't go looking there for the Examples menu.


Thank you man!! for the concern, I do not pretend that you waste your time answering my silly questions, answer me as much as you can.
In spite of everything I would like to try to program something with tao. I build llvm 2.9 but now I get this error:
nada@nada:~/tao-3D$ ./configure
Running: qmake -r CONFIG+=release CONFIG+=silent PACKAGE_APPEND=
Reading /home/nada/tao-3D/libxlr/
Project ERROR: Can't execute llvm-config-2.9 nor llvm-config

c3d commented Dec 13, 2016

I could pass ./configure successfully
But now I have this error.

nada@nada:~/tao-3D$ make install
cd libxlr/ && make -f Makefile install
make[1]: se ingresa al directorio «/home/nada/tao-3D/libxlr»
rm -f
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMObject
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMMCJIT
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMMCDisassembler
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMLinker
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMJIT
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMMCParser
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lLLVMMC
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [] Error 1
make[1]: se sale del directorio «/home/nada/tao-3D/libxlr»
make: *** [sub-libxlr-install_subtargets] Error 2

c3d commented Dec 16, 2016

I think it solves the problem of libraries, but it still throws me errors when I execute make, in the txt files are the output:


the kitten is dead Christophe

c3d commented Dec 28, 2016
c3d commented Feb 10, 2017

Hi Luis. It took me a while, but I believe that the kitten is back on its feet. Please let me know if you have better luck now.

@c3d c3d closed this Feb 10, 2017

No,i dont have luck, same problem to build


did you see the output on txt files?

@c3d c3d reopened this Feb 10, 2017
c3d commented Feb 10, 2017 edited

Yes. I thought this specific issue was fixed (the "cannot stat"). So I re-opened the issue.

BTW, when you send output files like this, would you mind temporarily setting LANG=C, this would make it easier for me to figure out what the messages mean.

c3d commented Feb 10, 2017

I will install an Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit VM to see if I can replicate this.

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