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If you experience difficulties with your bug, please check the troubleshooting documentation.

The pentabug is a small microcontroller soldering project. It's especially suited for young hackers and beginners of all ages. Assembly requires no prior soldering skills and can be accomplished - with a little help for the tricky parts - by children old enough to savely hold a soldering iron (thats about 7 years and up).

At various events, e.g. Datenspuren 2012 and 2013, Chaos Communication Congress 2012-2015, and many more, several hundred kits have been successfully assembled with just a handfull of bugs needing 'special treatment' for e.g. a controller mounted the wrong way. Have a look at our slides in german from the accompanying presentation or watch this video of Frank and his sons beeing interviewed at our workshop table or the NDR report covering the 32c3 Junghackertag.

A complete walktrough of the assembly process is given in "Pentabug - The Movie", courtesy of C3D2 - Chaos Computer Club Dresden. It would be amazing if Scott Manley could do an english version ;-). I would even visit SF to make that happen.

Assembled V2 PCB with extension boards
Img. 1: A completely assembled V2 PCB with extension boards.

Slightly Advanced Prototype Hardware
Img. 2: A slightly advanced (but early) prototype version of the bug with a single layer pcb.

Top Layer of Version 1.0 Board
Img. 3: The top layer view of the Version 1.0 production board (two layer pcb).

Version 2.1 Schematics (Thumbnail)
Img. 4: Version 2.1 schematics (high resolution image).

Bill of Materials for Version 1.0 - CAVE: This is outdated for the V2.0 and V2.1 versions.


A quite comprehensive documentation in German for setting up the development toolchain is available at RHOIO's Blog.

AVR GCC Toolchain

  • install binutils-avr, gcc-avr, avr-libc, avrdude
sudo apt-get install binutils-avr gcc-avr avr-libc avrdude
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