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The pentabug is a small microcontroller soldering project. It's especially suited for young hackers and beginners of all ages. Assembly requires no prior soldering skills and can be accomplished - with a little help for the tricky parts - by children old enough to savely hold a soldering iron (thats about 7 years and up).

At various events, e.g. Datenspuren 2012 and 2013, Chaos Communication Congress 2012+2013, and many more, several hundred kits have been successfully assembled with just a handfull of bugs needing 'special treatment' for e.g. a controller mounted the wrong way. Have a look at our slides in german from the accompanying presentation or watch this video of Frank and his sons beeing interviewed at our workshop table.

A complete walktrough of the assembly process is given in "Pentabug - The Movie", courtesy of C3D2 - Chaos Computer Club Dresden. It would be amazing if Scott Manley could do an english version ;-).

Assembled V2 PCB with extension boards
Img. 1: A completely assembled V2 PCB with extension boards.

Slightly Advanced Prototype Hardware
Img. 2: A slightly advanced (but early) prototype version of the bug with a single layer pcb.

Top Layer of Version 1.0 Board
Img. 3: The top layer view of the Version 1.0 production board (two layer pcb).

Version 2.1 Schematics (Thumbnail)
Img. 4: Version 2.1 schematics (high resolution image).

Bill of Materials for Version 1.0

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