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Ruby-MediaWiki 0.1
A library to retrieve and modify content managed by the popular
MediaWiki software.
Sven Klemm
Stephan Maka
Mike Gerber
Michael Witrant
(patches go to
Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3, see the
Ruby-MediaWiki relies on a configuration file with URLs, user account
details and per-agent settings in YAML. The sample mediawikirc.sample
should be rather self-explanatory.
There are various environment variables for easy usage:
* MEDIAWIKI_RC - location of the configuration file
(default: ~/.mediawikirc)
* MEDIAWIKI_WIKI - which section of the configuration file to use
(default is the one set in the `default' key)
* MEDIAWIKI_DEBUG - if set, set the log level to DEBUG
Quick start:
ruby-mediawiki % export RUBYLIB=`pwd`/lib
ruby-mediawiki % export MEDIAWIKI_RC=mediawikirc.sample
ruby-mediawiki % export MEDIAWIKI_WIKI=wpde
ruby-mediawiki % ruby apps/wikicat.rb Arschgeweih
German description:
RDoc to Wiki:
SVN repository:
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