Banners for front-end and admin to make it immediately clear which environment you are looking at
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C3 Environment Banner Extension for Magento

This is the Magento 1 extension. For the Magento 2 version, please see

Tell at a glance if you are in a production, staging or dev environment - visual banners on frontend and admin

For any Magento user who has both a live site and a test/staging site.

Have you ever performed an action - deleted a product or created a promotion live, only to realise that you've accidentally done it on the production site rather than a development copy? Be honest now.

If so, this extension is for you. It adds a discrete corner banner to the frontend of non-production websites (fail-safe - if it doesn't know what environment it is in then it assumes it is on a production server). It is more striking on the admin side, where the entire title bar is colour-coded, and a border added to the page so that no matter how long the page (I'm looking at you, system config), you'll always have a visual reminder of which environment you are in.

How it works

The environment is picked up from the commonly used APPLICATION_ENV environment variable. This is set by the web-server, and for apache it just means adding in a single line to your .htaccess file. e.g. SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV "staging"


  • Includes composer and modman details
  • Oldest supported CE version is
  • Tested in EE to

Developed by C3 Media, a full service Magento agency -