Syntax highlighter for p4 language in Sublime Text 2/3
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p4 syntax highlighter collection

The syntax highlighting for P4 is available for VIM, EMACS and Sublime Text 2/3.

Sublime Text Editor

You can install the p4-syntax-highlighter package in SublimeText from the package control.


  1. For EMACS, please copy the P4.el file to the appropriate directory of EMACS on your system.
  2. FOR VIM, copy both "ftdetect" & "syntax" directory inside "~/.vim/" on your system.

How to Contribute?

  • To contribute to the syntax highlighter for VIM and EMACS, please fork this current repo and update the corresponding files.
  • To contribute to the syntax highlighter for Sublime Text editor, please fork the "" project and make your changes.


  • The Syntax file for VIM and EMACS were created by the following developers. I found them in the mailing list of P4.

  1. EMACS - Vladimir Gurevich
  2. VIM - Antonin Bas