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Self verifying memory chain
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Blockchain Memory

It's correct because it exists.

Basic Concept:

A BitCoin inspired way to store data. It guarantees that your data is not changed at the start of the file. It uses a strong cryptographic hashing algorithm to check the data. Instead of using hashes, we use salts to generate hashes with a certain desired characteristics. These characteristics are the 0's at the start of hex digested hash.

File Architecture:

The file is split into different parts: <head>[order]<file>[filePath][length of data]</file></head>[DATA]<hash>sha512</hash><difficulty>[difficulty]</difficulty>

  • Inside the <head> is the [order] which specifies in which order the file should be extracted. (TO BE IMPLEMENTED)
  • The [filePath] inside the <file> tag specifies in order which file's data will be stored and [length of data] tells you how much of that data is there.
  • The actual file data starts after the </file></head> tags. It continues until the sum of all file data specified in the head tags reaches length of the [DATA].
  • Inside the <hash> tag lies the salt to make a certain amount of 0's in the file after the sha512 hex digest.
  • Difficulty is added to the end of the file to reduce ambiguity when it comes to the difficulty used for hashing.

Helping and Contributing:

You may want to help this project grow with your own code and documentation. Here are the rules for contribution. If you want to post issues, bugs, program breaking things, please refere to our Code of Conduct. If you want to use this program for your own work, feel free to do so!


  • Finish (currently reworking)
  • Make Reports inside work
  • Finish
  • Finish

Current Goals:

  • Rewrite to block unwanted characters in a directory
  • Finish
  • Try and optimize
  • Allow for translations
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