ActiveRecord extension for MySql dbs enabling fulltext searching by allowing a model to connect to a MyISAM mirror of an InnoDB table
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Warren 0.1.0

© Copyright 2009 Sidu Ponnappa. All Rights Reserved.

Warren is a MySQL only ActiveRecord extension that (moderately) transparently allows the creation, mirroring (via triggers) and fulltext searching of MyISAM tables for any transactional InnoDB table.

MySQL Fulltext Search

MySQL fulltext search (which uses a MATCH query) has its own quirks which make it behave slightly differently from a normal find which filters with a WHERE or LIKE. Most notably:

* No rows are returned unless the MATCH clause filters out at least 50% of the rows in the table in two of the three fulltext search modes
* The only search mode where the 50% rule doesn't apply is Warren::Modes::Boolean, but here the search pattern cannot have any wildcards on the left side. In SQL terms, a boolean mode fulltext search only allows 'pattern%' and not '%pattern%'

For more information, look up