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377c32b @dchelimsky ci: don't need to exclude development env any longer
dchelimsky authored
1 bundler_args: "--binstubs"
acb2f54 @dchelimsky ci: tell travis to run bin/rake
dchelimsky authored
2 script: "bin/rake --trace 2>&1"
52356e5 @myronmarston Add travis config file.
myronmarston authored
3 rvm:
4 - 1.8.7
877b268 @dchelimsky more rubies for travis
dchelimsky authored
5 - 1.9.2
66d5295 @dchelimsky ci: stick to rubies supported by travis
dchelimsky authored
6 - 1.9.3
ca9c16b @myronmarston Only build with the rubies travis has available.
myronmarston authored
7 - ree
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