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Computing for Computer Scientists

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This repository holds the sources for the course homepage for Computing for Computer Scientists, a course for early-career EECS students at the University of Michigan.

For more information, visit the course homepage:


The site itself uses GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

Before contributing, please check open issues and create a new issue if a one for your proposed contribution does not exist.

Content for the website is written in Markdown. To contribute to the reference page, navigate to _commands/ and then to the specific section and edit an existing .md file or create a new one. For example, to edit the cd reference, edit _commands/basics/

In order to build the site locally on your Ubuntu computer, there are a number of dependencies to resolve first:

$ sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev build-essential patch zlib1g-dev liblzma-dev nodejs
$ sudo gem install jekyll bundler
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve # serves site at

For more information on setting up, see GitHub's guide or Jekyll's documentation.

After making a change and verifying that it works, please submit a pull request.

Creative Commons License
Computing for Computer Scientists by Pat Pannuto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.