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Go Search GoSearch

A keyword search engine helping people to find popular and relevant Go packages.

Online service: Go Search

This is the root package with shared functions.

Sub packages are commands for running:

  • HTTP Server: Searching and web service
  • ToCrawl: Find packages to crawl.
  • Crawler: Crawling package files.
  • MergeDocs: Merge crawled package files with doc DB.
  • Indexer: Analyzing package information and generating indexed data for searching.


You'll need to perform the following steps to get a basic server running:

  1. Create a basic conf.json file, limiting the crawler to a one minute run: { "crawler": { "due_per_run": "1m" } }
  2. Run the package finder: go run tocrawl/*.go
  3. Run the crawler: go run crawler/*.go
  4. Merge the crawled docs: go run mergedocs/*.go
  5. Run the indexer: go run indexer/*.go
  6. Run the server: go run server/*.go
  7. Visit http://localhost:8080 in your browser


BSD license.

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