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"Type Provider Treasure Hunt" Dojo

This Dojo introduces F# type providers using those from the F# Data library.

The goal of the Dojo is to find 7 secret words to find a secret phrase! To find each word, you need to solve a simple data access task using type providers - such as read XML document, perform JSON-based REST request or read data from the WorldBank; then perform simple processing to find the right word in the result and find the secret phrase! The Dojo comes with a script file containing 7 tasks - to make this a bit harder, the words are not in the original order, so you need to get most of them to find the secret phrase.

How to run the Dojo

The Dojo comes with a guided script with samples that can be adjusted. Some of the tasks are fairly easy, some require a bit more F# skills. The Dojo works best if the audience collaborates to solve the puzzle - split into groups and work on the different words in parallel, then put the results together! If you split into 7 groups, you can solve the puzzle in about 1 hour. With more time, each group can find multiple words.

Building and running the sample

The sample solution uses NuGet restore to get the FSharp.Data.dll automatically. Open TypeProviders-Dojo.sln and Build the solution once - this will download F# Data into packages folder and you can then open Script.fsx and go through the script in F# Interactive (the build is only needed to restore the packages).

Alternatively, you can download ZIP release from F# Data web site, open Script.fsx directly and update the path there.

Have fun!