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# This is a simple wrapper intended for use with the --diff-cmd argument of
# 'svn diff' (or indeed 'svndiff') and uses gvimiff as the diffing tool.
# It makes Vim name the buffers according to what Subversion passes in
# as the names for the files. This may look like
# file.c (.../trunk/file.c) (revision 72)
# Note the tabs and slashes. Both confuse Vim, so we replace whitespace by
# regular spaces and slashes by backslashes.
# Also, we ensure that we get nice syntax highlighting in Vim by creating
# symlinks with appropriate extensions to the temp files we are given.
# The easiest way to use this script is by setting
# diff-cmd = svndiff_helper
# in section [helpers] in your ~/.subversion/config.
import sys, re, subprocess, os, os.path
n1, n2 = sys.argv[3], sys.argv[5]
f1, f2 = sys.argv[6], sys.argv[7]
def lntemp(f, n):
fn = n.split('\t')[0]
ext = os.path.splitext(fn)[1]
if ext not in ("", os.path.splitext(f)[1]):
tmpfn = f + ext
os.symlink(os.path.basename(f), tmpfn)
return tmpfn
else: return f
lf1 = lntemp(f1, n1)
lf2 = lntemp(f2, n2)
def sanitise(n):
n = re.sub(r'\s+', r'\ ', n)
n = re.sub(r'/', r'\\\\', n)
return n
vim_rc =['vim', '-dfgR',
'--cmd', "au BufReadPost " + lf1 + " silent f " + sanitise(n1),
'--cmd', "au BufReadPost " + lf2 + " silent f " + sanitise(n2),
lf1, lf2])
if lf1 != f1: os.remove(lf1)
if lf2 != f2: os.remove(lf2)