vim plugin which formated javascript files by js-beautify
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This plugin uses jsbeautifier to format javascript, html and css files. To use it you must install either nodejs or google v8 javascript engine. There is also an integration with editorconfig.

Any requests, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.


With Pathogen

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone
cd vim-jsbeautify && git submodule update --init --recursive

With Vundle

Add this to .vimrc:

  Bundle 'maksimr/vim-jsbeautify'

  " and go to plugin direcotory and run git submodule foreach git pull

or (recomended)

  Bundle 'maksimr/vim-jsbeautify'
  Bundle 'einars/js-beautify'

  " set path to js-beautify file
  let s:rootDir = fnamemodify(expand("<sfile>"), ":h")
  let g:jsbeautify_file = fnameescape(s:rootDir."/bundle/js-beautify/beautify.js")
  let g:htmlbeautify_file = fnameescape(s:rootDir."/bundle/js-beautify/beautify-html.js")
  let g:cssbeautify_file = fnameescape(s:rootDir."/bundle/js-beautify/beautify-css.js")


Configuration jsbeautify


  let g:jsbeautify = {'indent_size': 4, 'indent_char': '\t'}
  let g:htmlbeautify = {'indent_size': 4, 'indent_char': ' ', 'max_char': 78, 'brace_style': 'expand', 'unformatted': ['a', 'sub', 'sup', 'b', 'i', 'u']}
  let g:cssbeautify = {'indent_size': 4, 'indent_char': ' '}

Run on v8


  " by default
  let g:jsbeautify_engine = "node"

  " If you bin name for node is nodejs
  let g:jsbeautify_engine = "nodejs"

  let g:jsbeautify_engine = "v8"

  " or if you have other alias
  let g:jsbeautify_engine = "v8-alias"



  map <c-f> :call JsBeautify()<cr>
  " or
  autocmd FileType javascript noremap <buffer>  <c-f> :call JsBeautify()<cr>
  " for html
  autocmd FileType html noremap <buffer> <c-f> :call HtmlBeautify()<cr>
  " for css or scss
  autocmd FileType css noremap <buffer> <c-f> :call CSSBeautify()<cr>

Function JsBeautify takes two parameters. First start line second end line, by default start line equal '0' and end line equal '$'


  • 0.1.1: Fix bug with escape in shell
  • 0.1.2: Add support html beautifier and global function Beautify(type,start_line, end_line) where type is js, html or css, all params optional
  • 0.1.3: Add support css beautifier
  • 0.1.4: Add tests (thanks @benja2729 fix issue #1)
  • 0.1.5: Add intergration with editorconfig-vim. More about editorconfig

(version: 0.1.5)