@jxnblk jxnblk released this May 26, 2018 · 169 commits to master since this release

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What's New

  • x0 now accepts a folder of components as the entry argument
  • Automatic routing based on filename
  • Dev server uses webpack-serve under the hood
  • Uses mini-html-webpack-plugin
  • Default HTML head contents for UTF-8 charset and viewport meta tag
  • Minimal base CSS styling
  • Rendering the <head> in the component is no longer supported
  • Webpack is used both for the client and static rendering, enabling webpack features in getInitialProps
  • Support for babel-plugin-macros
  • Default props can no longer be passed through the package.json config
  • The routes array in package.json is no longer supported
  • Adding react-router is no longer necessary
  • Removes react-loadable support
  • Proxy option is no longer supported, but can be configured with a custom webpack config
  • Automatically looks for a webpack.config.js file in the directory
  • The --config flag has been renamed to --webpack
  • Automatic support for styled-components
  • Automatic support for emotion
  • Custom HTML template option
  • Supports custom App component to wrap all routes
  • Support for JSX file format
  • Support for MDX file format

Migrating from v4

  • A directory should be passed to the x0 command, instead of a single file
  • React router is not necessary for routing
  • The routes option is no longer supported
  • HTML head contents should be removed from components
  • Viewport and charset meta tags are included by default
  • Use the custom template option or head options to populate HTML head contents
  • Default props set in options should be added to the components
  • Custom usage of react-loadable will require additional setup
  • The --config flag should be renamed to --webpack
  • The proxy option is no longer supported
  • The cssLibrary option is no longer required
  • Support for automatic static rendering with glamor, glamorous, and fela is no longer supported
  • The getInitialProps method's pathname argument has be renamed to path
  • The getInitialProps method only receives the path argument, all other arguments are deprecated