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Cloud9 3.0 SDK for Plugin Development

This is the core repository for the Cloud9 v3 SDK. The SDK allows you to run a version of Cloud9 that allows you to develop plugins and create a custom IDE based on Cloud9.

Project Status: ALPHA

During the alpha stage, expect many things to break, not work or simply fail.

Creating Plugins

The best and easiest way to create plugins is on Please check out this tutorial for how to get started writing plugins.

We also have a tutorial for how to get started working on the core plugins. Check out that tutorial here.


We have several documentation resources for you:

SDK documentation
API documentation
User documentation

Please join the mailinglist to get support or give support to the growing community of plugin developers:!forum/cloud9-sdk


Follow these steps to install the SDK:

git clone c9sdk
cd c9sdk

To update the SDK to the latest version run:

git pull origin master

Please note that if you are using npm version >=3 and run npm install manually, you need to run git checkout HEAD -- node_modules to restore the files deleted by npm. Cloud9 is known to work with node versions 0.10 to 8, but Newer versions should work too.

Starting Cloud9

Start the Cloud9 as follows:

node server.js

The following options can be used:

--settings       Settings file to use
--help           Show command line options.
-t               Start in test mode
-k               Kill tmux server in test mode
-b               Start the bridge server - to receive commands from the cli  [default: false]
-w               Workspace directory
--port           Port
--debug          Turn debugging on
--listen         IP address of the server
--readonly       Run in read only mode
--packed         Whether to use the packed version.
--auth           Basic Auth username:password
--collab         Whether to enable collab.
--no-cache       Don't use the cached version of CSS

Now visit http://localhost:8181/ide.html to load Cloud9.

Running Tests

Run server side tests with:

npm run test

Run client side tests with:

npm run ctest

Then visit http://localhost:8181/static/test in your browser.


We actively encourage and support contributions. We accept pull requests to the core as well as to any of the open source plugins and libraries that we maintain under the c9 organization on GitHub.

Feel free to fork and improve/enhance the Cloud9 SDK and the open source plugins in any way you want. Then please open a pull request. For more information on our contributing guidelines, see our contributing guide:

To protect the interests of the Cloud9 contributors and users we require contributors to sign a Contributors License Agreement (CLA) before we pull the changes into the main repository. Our CLA is the simplest of agreements, requiring that the contributions you make to an project are only those you're allowed to make. This helps us significantly reduce future legal risk for everyone involved. It is easy, helps everyone, takes ten minutes, and only needs to be completed once. There are two versions of the agreement:

  1. The Individual CLA: use this version if you're working on the Cloud9 SDK or open source plugins in your spare time, or can clearly claim ownership of copyright in what you'll be submitting.
  2. The Corporate CLA: have your corporate lawyer review and submit this if your company is going to be contributing to the Cloud9 SDK and/or open source plugins.

If you want to contribute to the Cloud9 SDK and/or open source plugins please go to the online form, fill it out and submit it.

Happy coding, Cloud9