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11/16/04 - Version 1.3
* Themes
* Options menu
* Online scoring
* D-Pad can be used to player
* BBA configuration menu
* Speed matches Windows version
* Speed matches Windows version
* Configuration saved as ".dcsquares" in your home directory
* Configuration saved in current user's "Application Data" directory
* DirectInput code replaced by Windows API mouse
10/8/04 - Version 1.1
* Collecting powerups while a powerup is already active recharges your bar (NumberSix)
* Player can no longer be moved off screen (NumberSix)
* Combos are earned by not missing any score squares. You will recieve additional points per square
based on your combo. Combos start at 5. (NumberSix)
* New score encoding formula. New maximum score: approx. 100 million. Also encodes platform.
* Decreased sensativity on Dreamcast's analog stick (Smiles)
* Increased maximum speed of game
* Increased maximum size of player
* Fix bug when minimizing / restoring on Windows
* Fix Dreamcast VMU LCD icon
10/7/04 - Version 1.0
* Initial public release of DCSquares
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