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An implementation of the ZZT engine
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DreamZZT.xcodeproj Update to build against latest Tiki
English.lproj Version bump, store user credentials, submit score to DreamZZT Online…
Sparkle.framework Sparkle framework for OS X
debian Bump debian build script version up to 3.0.8b1
doc Set svn:eol-style for text files
include Implement board edge objects and perform bounds checking in put comma…
loki Automatic packaging for Linux, NDS, DC, and OSX
lua Include Lua 5.0 and pluto persist library, make Lua objects persist t…
resources win32 fixes
src Only search the first word of an Object's name. Closes #98
win32 Use Tiki http code, part 1
ChangeLog Update ChangeLog with 3.2.0 info
DreamZZT-lite-Info.plist Initial checkin of DreamZZT-lite - DreamZZT without OpenGL
DreamZZT-lite.sln DreamZZT-lite for Win32
DreamZZT-lite.vcproj Use Tiki http code, part 2
DreamZZT.sln Upgrade win32 project to Visual Studio 2005
DreamZZT.vcproj Update win32 project file
DreamZZT_Prefix.pch Initial import of DreamZZT
IP.BIN Initial import of DreamZZT Add version number generation to OS X info.plist
Makefile Dreamcast and SDL build fixes
Makefile.lite Use Tiki http code, part 3
application-x-zzt-game.png FreeDesktop MIME type icons
application-x-zzt-save.png FreeDesktop MIME type icons
bitten-dc.ini Consolidate Makefiles
bitten-linux.ini Bitten configuration for Windows
bitten-mac.ini Bitten configuration for Windows
bitten-nds.ini Consolidate Makefiles
bitten-win-lite.ini Remove win32 target name hack
bitten-win.ini Remove win32 target name hack Initial import of DreamZZT Initial import of DreamZZT
doc_icon.icns New icons
doc_icon.xcf New icons
dreamzzt-lite.iss Use Tiki http code, part 2
dreamzzt.bmp NDS: Add ROM header
dreamzzt.desktop FreeDesktop MIME type icons
dreamzzt.iss Use Tiki http code, part 2
dreamzzt.png Debian packaging scripts Automate version numbers for VisualStudio / Inno Setup
icon.icns New icons
icon1.ico Add win32 icon resources
icon2.ico Add win32 icon resources
main.m GPL this mo-fo
packager Add elf extension to Dreamcast packager script
resource.h Set svn:eol-style for text files
resrc1.h Set svn:eol-style for text files
sav_icon.icns New icons
sav_icon.xcf New icons
version.plist Initial import of DreamZZT
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