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DreamZZT is an open-source ZZT engine for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo DS, and the SEGA Dreamcast. ZZT was an ANSI-based game creation system created by Epic Megagames' Tim Sweeny in 1990. The original release included 6 worlds, including the shareware world The Town of ZZT. It also included a built-in game editor, allowing for the creation of new games. ZZT games can be downloaded from Z2.


Some of the highlights of DreamZZT include:

  • Online leaderboard
  • Integrated editor and debugger
  • Music and sound effects
  • New visual effects
  • ZZT-OOP interpreter
  • Customizable font

The following ZZT enemys are currently supported:

  • Bears
  • Centipedes
  • Lions
  • Ruffians
  • Sharks
  • Tigers