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Vimana is an easy to use system for searching , installing, and downloading vim script. Vimana provides a command-line interface such like aptitude programe on Debian linux, for you to search , download , install , upgrade scripts from (vimonline site).

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Vimana is an easy-to-use system for searching, installing, and downloading vim script.

Vimana provides a command-line interface such like aptitude program on Debian linux, for you to search, download, install, upgrade scripts from (vim online site).

Vimana can install a vim script package to your vim runtime path automatically by inspecting the content of archive file or vim script. for example, if an archive file contains 'syntax', 'plugin', 'indent' directory, then these files should be installed to ~/.vim/ directory. if it is a vim color scheme, then it should be put into ~/.vim/colors/ and prompt for setting the installed colorscheme as default.

Rakefile, makefile, vimball installation are supported.

For scripts have their own docs, Vimana will try to update helptags after the installations.

NOTE: Vimana only provides search, info, and install commmands currently.


For First Time CPAN Users:

Install miyagawa's cpanminus , which doesnt require any complex configurations. It's easy, clean and faster than the old CPAN shell:

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ wget -O ~/bin/cpanm
$ chmod +x ~/bin/cpanm

Run cpanminus to install Vimana from CPAN:

$ cpanm -n Vimana

Or git clone from github:

$ cpanm -n

For non-root permission users, cpanm will install modules into ~/perl5 directory. so you will need to export PERL5LIB, add below line in your .bashrc or .zshrc:

export PERL5LIB=~/perl5/lib/perl5;$PERL5LIB



To install snipmate.vim package:

$ vimana install snipmate

To install from git or svn:

$ vimana install git:git://
$ vimana install
$ vimana install svn:svn+ssh://path/to/your/repo

To install from GitHub:

$ vimana install gh:c9s/perlomni.vim
$ vimana install gh:Shougo/vimfiler.vim

To install snipmate.vim package to the other runtime path:

$ vimana i snipmate -r ~/.vim-other-rtp

# or

$ vimana install snipmate --runtime-path ~/.vim-other-rtp

To install rails.vim package:

$ vimana install rails.vim


to search rails

$ vimana search rails

to search colorscheme:

$ vimana search -t color

to search ftplugin:

$ vimana search -t ftplugin

to search ftplugin and "abc" keyword:

$ vimana search -t ftplugin abc


to update index

$ vimana update


to download:

$ vimana download markdown-syntax.vim

to remove a package:

$ vimana remove fuzzyfinder

to force remove a package:

$ vimana remove -f fuzzyfinder

to list installed packages:

$ vimana installed

to list installed package content:

$ vimana installed snipmate

to rate plugin:

$ vimana rate snipmate 2  # rate life changing


$ vimana i   # alias of install command.
$ vimana s   # alias of search command.
$ vimana d   # alias of download command.


$ vimana i hypergit.vim
$ vimana i the-nerd-tree
$ vimana i autocomplpop
$ vimaan i gsession.vim
$ vimana i snipmate
$ vimana i svg.vim
$ vimana i railscasts-theme
$ vimana i dark-ruby
$ vimana i
$ vimana i xml.vim
$ vimana i cctree
$ vimana i markdown-syntax
$ vimana i gist.vim
$ vimana i googlereader.vim

$ vimana i jslint.vim
$ vimana i fakeclip

$ vimana remove fakeclip

$ cd snipmate.git
$ vimana install .    # install from current path.

$ vimana installed   # list installed scripts

$ vimana installed gist.vim  # list installed content of gist.vim

$ vimana upgrade gist.vim


  1. use vim runtime directory structure like this:

  2. add type info in your vim script file:

    " script type: plugin

uppercase also available:

    " Script Type: plugin

then the script will be installed into ~/.vim/plugin/.


After installing, you can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

perldoc Vimana

IRC Channel:

#vimana on

You can also look for information at:

vim-addon-manager : another vim script manager (which is written in VimL).

RT, CPAN's request tracker

AnnoCPAN, Annotated CPAN documentation

CPAN Ratings

Search CPAN



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  • zentooo


Copyright (C) 2007 You-An Lin 林佑安 ( Cornelius / c9s )

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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