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# vim:fdm=expr:foldexpr=getline(v\:lnum)=~'^=='?'>1'\:getline(v\:lnum)[0]=~'[*x(]'?'>2'\:'=':fdl=1:
== features ==
x install module
x uninstall module
x search module in current lib path (mode)
x built-in function search
* search module by author name
* display module information
* perlapi function search
* support moose features
* search mode depends on filetype , support ruby , haskell , c
* $self->,$class-> completion
search function names from current package name
complete function names from "use base qw(Modules...)";
and current file
* Module::Name completion
* packages are sub class should be noted. that
we can not query dist web page, or check if package has pod documented
* when open serach window in vertical
<enter> should open file on right side
for horizontal split , should open file in the bottom
* for ctags search window
tab key can switch search mode
for example, search function name , package name
or filename , variable ... etc
should display refered file and line number
* open perldoc in new tab
* complete something like this:
* complete function name from module exported function
* support moose 'extends' statement
* support moose 'has' statement
* support moose '->meta' statement
* support class::accessor
* support $self->{hashes}
parse something like $self->{ \w+ } from class