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perl-completion.vim comes with some depended vim scripts (libperl.vim and
search-window.vim) and perl-completion.vim is using PPI (pure perl parser) to
parse perl syntax to make completions.
to install PPI:
$ sudo cpan PPI
put the util script `utils/` to your $PATH.
copy `ftplugin/perl/perlomni.vim` to your `~/.vim/ftplugin/perl/` runtime path.
and put libperl.vim ( )
to your `~/.vim/autoload/`.
to enable perl-completion.vim omni completion, you have to enable your filetype
plugin on. pre-append those settings to your `.vimrc`:
filetype on
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on
C-x C-o to emit omnicompletion.