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# vim:fdm=expr:fdl=1:foldexpr=getline(v\:lnum)=~'^=='?'>1'\:getline(v\:lnum)[0]=~'[*x(]'?'>2'\:getline(v\:lnum)=~'^--'?'<2'\:'='
x base class function completion
* support moose type constraint completion
* support for class::accessor::fast accessor completion (with r,w attribute)
* grouping rule
:to be able to disable/enable specified group (extension)
* template declare completion extension
* class variable completion
* exported function completion
* support class method completion from 'isa', for example:
has handle =>
isa => 'DBI::Handle';
* completion priority
* completion dictionary components
- for loading completion data instead of parsing , eg:
[completion item]\t[preview]\t[type] ...