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Odin is platform to build microservices. The name Odin is taken from the norse mythology, in Norse mythology, Odin was the king of the Æsir. He is a god of war and death, as well as a sky god and the god of wisdom and poetry. Along with being a god, he is the All-Father of all the Nordic Gods.


The Odin micro-services platform is based on spring boot, which provides a light weight container on top of which swift wallet can build the micro-services required meet the business requirements.

Odin has a layered architecture that consists of

  • Bootstrap Layer - A light weight runtime that provides management features for the runtime and extends spring boot for handling the wiring up of the different services.
  • Services Layer - A layer of embedded services that sits on top of the bootstrap layer.

The diagram below shows the different components

Bootstrap Layer

The Odin boostrap layer is based on spring boot runtime, the bootstrap layer boots up the micro-services and provides the following features:

  • Configuration Discovery
  • Logging
  • Service Registration
  • Service Discovery

Services Layer

The services layer provides different services required by the microservices, it consists of:

  • Security
  • Event Publish/Subscribe
  • JDBC Datasource
  • In Memory Datagrid Connector
  • Embedded Server

Technology Stack

  • Spring Boot 1.4.2 RELEASE
  • Spring Framework 4.3.5 RELEASE
  • Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.9
  • Apache Curator 3.2.1
  • Logback
  • Spring Security
  • Jetty Server 9.3.1
  • Hikari CP
  • Spring Kafka

Building from Source

To build you will need to install JDK 1.8

Odin uses maven for build related activities, the following command will build the project

$ ./mvnw install

NOTE: You can also install Maven (>=3.3.3) yourself and run the mvn command in place of ./mvnw, like this, $ mvn install

NOTE: Be aware that you might need to increase the amount of memory available to Maven by setting a MAVEN_OPTS environment variable with a value like -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m. We try to cover this in the .mvn configuration


Embedded Server

Odin uses embdedd jetty(9.3.1) server for its http services and servlet container. It also supports HTTP/2(SPDY protocol developed by google).

/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/server/port=<port> default is 8080

/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/server/jmx-port=<jmx-port> default is 1099

/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/server/ssl-enabled=<ssl-enabled> default is false


Odin uses spring security to provide authentication/authorization. It support digest as well as OAuth2 based authentication.





/configuration/odin/<environment>/security/oauth2=enabled=<true-or-false> - Default is false

/configuration/odin/<environment>/security/oauth2=authorization-server=<true-or-false> - To enable authorization server

/configuration/odin/<environment>/security/oauth2=resource-server=<true-or-false> - To enable resource server

Datasource (JDBC)

Odin uses HikariCP for Connection pooling. Following are the configurations supported by the datasource.

/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/jdbc/data-source/enabled=<true-or-false>- by default it is disabled

/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/jdbc/data-source/names=<comma separted list of datasources>





/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/jdbc/data-source/<name>/auto-commit=<auto-commit> - default is false

/configuration/<micro-service-id>/<environment>/jdbc/data-source/<name>/connection-test-query=<connection-test-query> - for some of the dbs like mysql this is mandatory









Odin is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license