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Collection of tools related to libraries written in PHP [to be continued ...]

Pull requests are welcome!


name description license requires
scriptotek/sru-client Package for making Search/Retrieve via URL requests and parse the responses MIT danmichaelo/quitesimplexmlelement: >=0.2.1
guzzle/guzzle: ~3.8
ck/sru A very simple PHP SRU search client - -


name description license requires
medlib/marcxml - MIT php: >=5.5.9
nesbot/Carbon: 1.*
danmichaelo/quitesimplexmlelement: ~0.2.4
illuminate/support: ~4.1|~5.0
scriptotek/marc Simple interface to parsing MARC records using File_MARC GNU-LGPL php: >=5.3
ck/file_marc_reference: dev-master
pear/file_marc: *
scriptotek/simplemarcparser A simple MARC21/XML parser MIT php: >=5.3
danmichaelo/quitesimplexmlelement: ~0.2.4
nesbot/carbon: 1.*
illuminate/support: ~4.1|~5.0
pear/file_marc Supports the MAchine Readable Cataloging (MARC) file format documented at LGPL-2.1 pear/pear_exception: 1.*
ck/file_marc_reference MARCspec adapter for File_MARC MIT ck/php-marcspec: ^1.0
php: >=5.4.0
pear/file_marc: ^1.1
ck/php-marcspec PHP based MARCspec parser and validator MIT php: >=5.4.0
tonyhhyip/marc4php Marc Handle with PHP LGPL-3.0+ php: >=5.3.1
swiss-social-archives/alephmarc2xml This php class converts an MARC output from Aleph to a XML file MIT php: >=5.2


name description license requires
hab/picareader Classes for reading Pica+ records encoded in Pica, PicaXML and PicaPlain GPL-3.0+ hab/picarecord: ~1.0
hab/picarecord Object oriented interface to Pica+ records, fields, and subfields GPL-3.0+ -
hab/picawriter Classes for writing Pica+ records to PicaXML and PicaPlain GPL-3.0+ hab/picarecord: ~1.0
ck/picaxmlconv Converts PicaXML (namespace info:srw/schema/5/picaXML-v1.0) and ppxml (namespace vice versa. MIT lib-libxml


name description license requires
scriptotek/alma-client Package for interacting with some of the Alma APIs MIT php : ^5.5 || ^7.0
guzzlehttp/guzzle: ~6.0
scriptotek/marc: dev-master
danmichaelo/quitesimplexmlelement: ^0.3.0
scriptotek/sru-client: ~0.3.0
hab/picaauth A collection of authentication modules for Pica based library systems GPL-3.0+ -
hab/simplesamlphp-module-pica Provides authentication module for Pica-based library systems GPL-3.0+ simplesamlphp/composer-module-installer: ~1.0
hab/picaauth: ~0.1
worldcat/discovery Library to interact with OCLC's WorldCat Discovery Web Services Apache-2.0 php : >=5.4.0
lib-curl : *
lib-openssl : *
ext-curl : *
ext-json : *
ext-openssl : *
guzzle/guzzle : >=3.7.0,<3.9.0
easyrdf/easyrdf : *
OCLC/Auth : *
gbv/lbs2daia DAIA-API for LBS-Systems - php >=5.3.2
bclibraries/php-alma Access to Alma Web services in PHP. MIT php: >=5.3.0
phpunit/phpunit: 3.7.19
mockery/mockery: dev-master@dev
doctrine/cache: 1.*
pear/file_marc: dev-master
pear/pear_exception : @dev
guzzlehttp/guzzle: v3.8.1


name description license requires
scriptotek/oai-pmh-client Package for harvesting data from OAI-PMH repositories MIT php: >=5.3
danmichaelo/quitesimplexmlelement: ~0.2
guzzle/guzzle: ~3.8
evenement/evenement: 1.0.*
vufind-org/vufindharvest VuFindHarvest contains OAI-PMH harvesting logic. This is part of the VuFind project ( but may be used as a stand-alone tool or incorporated into other software dealing with metadata harvesting. GPL-2.0 "zendframework/zend-console": ">=2.2"
"zendframework/zend-http": ">=2.2"

Data quality

name description license requires
pear/validate_ispn Validation class for ISPN (International Standard Product Numbers) BSD-2-Clause pear/validate: *


name description license requires
vufind/vufind A flexible discovery layer. GPL-2.0 aferrandini/phpqrcode: 1.0.1
jasig/phpcas: 1.3.3
cap60552/php-sip2: 1.0.0
los/losrecaptcha: 1.0.0
ahand/mobileesp: dev-master
ocramius/proxy-manager: 1.0.2
pear/file_marc: 1.1.2
pear/validate_ispn: dev-master
serialssolutions/summon: 1.0.0
symfony/yaml: 2.7.6
vufind-org/vufindcode: 1.0.2
vufind-org/vufindhttp: 2.0.0
zendframework/zendframework: 2.4.6
zendframework/zendrest: 2.0.2
zendframework/zendservice-amazon: 2.0.4
zf-commons/zfc-rbac: 2.5.2
gbv/lukida Discovery-Software from VZG GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 1) Linux or Windows webserver with PHP, MySQL and ability to send mails
2) if used with solr index-system PHP PECL Solr Module
bclibraries/primo-services Access to Primo Web services MIT php: >=5.3.3
pimple/pimple: v1.0.2
doctrine/cache: 1.3.*
guzzle/http: 3.7.4
packfire/php5.3-compat: 1.0.0


name description license requires
gbv/jskos PHP library to access and serve JSKOS data and services LGPL "phpunit/phpunit": "~4.8"
"jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint": "~0.9"
"jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter": "~0.3"
gbv/orcid-jskos This repository contains a wrapper written in PHP to access the public ORCID API in JSKOS format via Entity Lookup Microservice API (ELMA). - gbv/jskos: ^0.0.12
mashape/unirest-php: ^3.0


name description license requires