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How to open an issue

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How to Open an Issue

If you find a bug, weird behaviour, missing translation, a feature not working or anything strange in the application, you are encouraged to open an issue on the appropriate github page here.

For your issue to be considered and solved ASAP please provide the following information while opening it:

  • if it is a MITM feature not working, please specify if the other MITM features and parts of the app are working on your network. For example:
    • App start ups ok.
    • Network hosts list appear and are clickable.
    • Select the MITM module works.
    • Select the Session hijacker module works.
    • When clicking on the "Start" button fails (write down the message!) , it says: "Cannot start process".

Any issue which will not contain those details, will be signaled with a link to this page and closed from 24h to ∞ later.

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