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Definition of Ready

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Definition of Ready


This document describes the conditions that must be met before a work request of any kind can be considered "Ready" to work. The purpose of this definition is to make sure that work and acceptance criteria have been clearly defined, and the story "properly groomed" before it an engineer can actually perform work on the story. The story grooming can be done by anyone, including a DevOps engineer.

This page captures the definitions by Story Type.

All Types

The following conditions apply to all stories, regardless of the type of story.

All user stories must have the following

  1. Service Manager approval
  2. A clear definition of the work to be done, in the form: As a <persona> I need <something> so that <business value>.
  3. A minimum of one acceptance criteria
  4. Story has been estimated

Additional Criteria for All Stories

  • Clear Story
  • Clear acceptance Criteria
  • Expected Delivery Date
  • Agreed upon estimate
  • Known Dependancies documented and considered in estimate
  • Right Sized Story
  • Story has proper tags,labels ( PI , tracks, classification, epics. etc.)
  • Prioritized
  • Approved by P.O
  • Tasks for each Acceptance Criteria were defined

Identity Administration

Identity administration stories (user add, modify, delete) must have the following additional information:

  1. Completed IAM worksheet is attached or available in paper form
  2. IAM request form is signed by the requester's service manager, security lead, and DOE service manager.
  3. The team and role associated with each person listed in the IAM request form is clearly defined
  4. Access privileges are identified and recorded in a team IAM/Role/Access form on file with the DOE team, and under change control
  5. Deviations from standard access based on role is clearly explained and an appropriate business justification given (approved by operations manager).
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