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Every year, county intake teams across California receive approximately 500,000 allegations of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. And about 65% these reports require an on-site investigation, sometimes within the day or within the hour.

The Intake Digital Service will provide county Child Welfare Agencies with a system that supports emergency response workers with the information they need to make better decisions for children's’ safety and well-being.

Product Vision

As an Agile digital team, we do not wait years to deliver a final product. Instead, we deliver a basic application - called a minimum viable product. Then we build out with new features and enhancements, based on our product roadmap and ongoing feedback we get from the people who use the system.

The Intake Product Roadmap

How our team operates

The process begins and ends with what our users need. We work in rapid iterations to research, design, develop and test every new feature. Follow the link for each step in the process to learn more.

  • Research combines qualitative and quantitative data to define the users' needs and priorities.
  • Design defines a prototype for the solution - whether a simple wireframe or clickable mock-up - and validates it with user testing.
  • Development builds the solution following modern engineering standards.

Day to day, Intake coordinates with the other project teams, particularly the Technical Platform team (TPT1), in a scaled agile framework (SAFe). You can learn more about the project's Scrum practices here.

For details on how Intake team organizes its work, see the Project Management FAQ.

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