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MEA Partner Workshop: Quizzer sample app


Follow the getting started docs for Android to install the dependencies for your environment and to create a working test app.

The repo contains the following:

  • A bare bones React Native app in the ReactNative folder.
  • The images folder contains images that you'll use to build Quizzer.
  • The data folder contains static test data and a utilities class that you'll use to work with the data.


Clone this repository:

git clone

If you followed the pre-lab instructions, you should already have a working starter app. You just need to copy over the following directories:

cp -pR quizzer/data <YOUR_QUIZZER_APP_DIRECTORY>/
cp -pR quizzer/images <YOUR_QUIZZER_APP_DIRECTORY>/

Then skip to the Run Quizzer section.

Install Quizzer:

cd quizzer/ReactNative
cp -pR ../data .
cp -pR ../images .
npm install

Run Quizzer:

Start up your Android emulator or connect to a real device via USB. Run the app:

react-native run-android

Note: If using Windows, compress those two folders and uncompress them under your Quizzer app folder.

When you're done with this step you should have a data and images folder in the same level as the file.


During the Code Lab session we'll walk through building the complete Quizzer app. To follow along and view code changes as they happen, go to:

Completed app

The completed app is available in the completed branch of this repo.