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caarlos0's repository graveyard

A graveyard for repositories I abandoned and/or were just PoC that I don't want to delete. Main account: @caarlos0

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  1. Slim progress bars for Ajax'y applications. Inspired by Google, YouTube, and Medium for the Rails Asset Pipeline (and some turbolinks/pjax/angular love)

    JavaScript 535 49

  2. up Archived

    Clean and beautiful bootstrap based layout for Jekyll.

    HTML 143 147

  3. A script to download railscasts videos to watch them later

    Shell 40 9

  4. Easily add an awesome fade effect to turbolinks page changes.

    Ruby 41 8

  5. A practical guide through all sort of nonsense things people should not do while coding Java

    JavaScript 32 11

  6. WIP: A guide to write good, clean and compatible shell script code.


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