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UK Arms Export Data

A list of all controlled goods approved or refused for export from the UK since January 2008.

The data is also available via a searchable application on the Campaign Against Arms Trade website.

Source data from the Strategic Export Controls database of the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Included Files

  • items.csv - Items approved, revoked or refused for export to specific countries
  • values.csv - Values in GBP, and rating codes of goods approved for export to specific countries
  • ratings.csv - Explanations of rating codes, and whether they are considered "military" or "dual-use"
  • sources.csv - Source countries of items transiting the UK to a third country
  • destinations.csv - Final destination countries for items incorporated into overseas equipment for onward export
  • refusal-criteria.csv - Reasons given for the refusal of licence applications

Cross referencing

Several files contain a column named "licence_group" which lists unique licence IDs for cross referencing.


Due to ambiguity in the source documents from which these data were compiled, the following columns may include some inaccuracies.

  • Refusal criteria may contain some false-positive matches.
  • Source and destination countries may contain some false-positive matches.
  • Low price values may be inaccurate by one or two pounds.


Contact with any comments, questions or requests for specific data or alternative formats.

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