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Release 6.0.6 and also fix how a few dependencies are loaded when making release builds

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Cabal Desktop

Desktop client for cabal, the p2p/decentralized/offline-first chat platform.

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Download the latest release

Build from source

$ git clone
$ cd cabal-desktop

$ yarn install             # install dependencies
$ yarn start               # start the application

Download from AUR

Updating MacOS DMG background image

tiffutil -cathidpicheck cabal-desktop-dmg-background.jpg cabal-desktop-dmg-background@2x.jpg -out dmg-background.tiff


TravisCI will automatically create and upload the appropriate release packages for you when you're ready to release. Here's the process for distributing production builds.

  1. Draft a new release. Set the “Tag version” to the value of version in your application package.json, and prefix it with v. “Release title” can be anything you want. For example, if your application package.json version is 1.0, your draft’s “Tag version” would be v1.0.

  2. Push some commits. Every CI build will update the artifacts attached to this draft.

  3. Once you are done, create the tag (e.g., git tag v6.0.0) and publish the release (git push --tags && npm publish). GitHub will tag the latest commit for you.

The benefit of this workflow is that it allows you to always have the latest artifacts, and the release can be published once it is ready.

Build for current platform:

$ yarn run dist

build for multiple platforms:

$ ./bin/build-multi

How to Contribute

Formatting Rules

This repository is formatted with StandardJS (there is a vscode plugin).