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Connect to Cabal using an IRC client.
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This is an cabal-irc-bouncer, It let's you connect to the cabal p2p network using whichever irc-client you prefer.


cabal-irc [key|dbpath]

Fore more help run

cabal-irc --help

(readme is work in progress, we don't actually have an cabal-irc executable right now. just clone this project and run node cli.js to figure out how it works)

Implemented IRC-commads

Current status

Command Status Note
PRIVMSG done /say , /me , /describe
JOIN done /join - aesthetic; you are always joined to all channels
PART done /part - aesthetic; same as join.
TOPIC done /topic - controls cabal-channel topic
LIST done /list - lists all available channels.
NICK done /nick - works as usual..
QUIT done /quit - Do we want it to publish the quit-message?
ERROR done
PING done
USER done
MODE done Always returns mode +nsv
CAP done Always returns empty list
WHOIS done TODO: can be improved with idle-time and signon-timestamp
WHO todo missing
add more todo Is there other IRC commands worth to translate to cabal?
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