REST Service Example with Jersey2 and Guice Dependency Injection
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REST with Jersey2 and Guice

Bridge Jersey's HK2 to Guice Dependency Injection Framework

This project implements a RESTful Webservice using Jersey and Guice.

Jersey is a very popular Java toolkit that abstracts away the low level details of the client-server communication, while Guice is one of the most popular dependency injection frameworks.

Jersey uses its own depencency injection framework HK2. There is a bridge between Jersey and Guice, but it is not easy to elegantly configure REST endpoints that use Guice dependency injection. This is where this project comes in. It defines a RestServletModule, that allows you to configure your REST application in the same way as all the other parts within it. This RestServletModule adds a rest() and a packages() function to configure Jersey2. This pays off by giving us a clear and elegant application structure. A typical configuration would be:

public class MyServletContextListener extends GuiceServletContextListener {
    protected Injector getInjector() {
        return Guice.createInjector(new RestServletModule() {
            protected void configureServlets() {

The solution is made for the google app engine but it should work on any application server.

For details see my blog about RESTful Webservices with Jersey 2 and Guice. For more information about the design principles behind it see my other blogs.

The source code for the tutorials can be found in the tutorials subfolder.